Your Generator Portal of the Hazardous Waste Management Services Program offers a comprehensive suite of online tools that will allow you to centralize and streamline the process of managing your hazardous waste.

Waste Management Solution
If you are responsible for the waste management of a single facility or maintain oversight of multiple facilities your Generator Portal provides a cradle-to-the-grave solution for your hazardous waste responsibilities.

Management Tools
The Generator Portal allows you to track internal hazardous waste inventory, track waste containers, create waste stream profiles, schedule waste pick-ups, and compile Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests for outbound shipments.

Communications & Connectivity

Your Generator Portal is a bi-directional tool allowing you to communicate and exchange documents with all of your Company's waste management and service providers. Your company can electronically send waste stream profiles to your TSDFs for approval and pricing. Then, your company can receive price quotes from your TSDF as well as corrected manifests, disposal or destruction certificates and invoices. The portal also communicates internally allowing you to connect with your branch facilities.


Use the program to generate annual and biennial reports for federal and state regulatory agencies. In many states you can electronically submit your biennial reports.

Record Keeping
Maintain a permanent record of all waste related communications and waste data. The program will archive waste data and reporting information for a 10 year period.
  • Centralize & streamline the waste management process
  • Access all waste data through an online Generator Portal
  • Track waste inventory, create & manage waste stream profiles, compile Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests
  • Establish a bi-directional connection with your transporters, TSDFs & waste service providers.
  • Send waste profiles & work order requests to waste management service providers
  • Receive documentation such as price quotes, corrected manifests, disposal or destruction certification & invoices
  • Generate annual and biennial reports, archive waste data & reporting information for a 10 year period